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Let us help you achieve your research goals.

Experimental Design

Are you getting the most value from your research? Let Arbor Analytics review your experimental designs and analyses.  We can save you time and money by optimizing your studies to have the best sample sizes and statistical tests.

​Yes, it is possible to design experiments to assess both statistical and scientifically relevant significance!

Statistical Analysis


Are you using the best statistical tests?Arbor Analytics can help. 

We assess statistical model assumptions, and use the best approach for the analysis.  We know when to use data transformations, non-normal distributions, or non-parametric statistical tests, for problems in all stages of the research process.


“Many complicated theories were explained in solid, simple ways and examples were very thoughtful."

Statistics Director, Primary Care Business Unit



We offer individualized statistical training classes for scientists and statisticians, focused on your needs.  Arbor Analytics has many years of experience in providing in-person, hands-on instruction in beginning, intermediate, and advanced statistical techniques.

We can provide support for statistical software tools, including SAS®, JMP®, R, StatXact®, GraphPad Prism®, and Spotfire®.

“...obviously passionate at teaching statistics and it came across loud and clear in the course...led a highly engaged discussion."

Director, Neurosciences Medicinal Chemistry

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