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Lon Grantham
Owner and Founder
Lonnie E. Grantham II, M.A., M.B.A.

Lonnie (Lon) Grantham is Owner and Founder of Arbor Analytics, LLC.  

Lon earned bachelor and master degrees in statistics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a Masters of Business Administration in Management from Cleary University.

Lon began his professional career at R.L. Polk and Company, and was responsible for creating predictive models used primarily for automobile manufacturers in targeting the most likely customers to purchase a specific make and model of a new vehicle.

In 1987, Lon moved to Parke-Davis as a preclinical statistician, and continued in this role after Pfizer acquired Parke-Davis in 2000.  In total, Lon worked for 24.5 years providing statistical consulting to preclinical and nonclinical pharmaceutical research. Over that time, he supported all types of toxicology studies: general, experimental, investigative, reproductive, genetic, carcinogenicity, as well as safety pharmacology.  He also was the department’s subject matter expert for statistical software like SAS® and StatXact®, and also provided support for toxicology data collection and reporting systems like TASC, Artemis, Provantis®, Cerner®, Xybion, and PDS.  Lon created customized statistical analysis and reporting solutions for all of these systems, and additionally was responsible for the configuration, testing, and verification of PDS statistical modules.  He also taught in house statistical workshops for scientists on many occasions.

Lon authored many Parke-Davis and Pfizer Standard Operating Procedures over the years, including those for systems development, quality control, Good Laboratory Practice and Electronic Records compliance, multi-site studies, and more.  He received over 20 internal company awards, which ranged from providing outstanding statistical consulting to a number of research and computing projects, a Research Quality Compliance Award in 2010 for “dedication to excellence and fostering a quality culture throughout Pfizer”, and Pfizer’s highest honor, the Achievement Award Winner, for developing the Ann Arbor research site’s Science Education Task Force Middle/High School outreach programs.

"Feedback from colleagues from partner lines has been very positive, and emphasized Lonnie's communication, statistical expertise, and focus on the business and getting things done." ... "provided valuable input and guidance to management on strategic issues.  Lonnie accomplished all of these things, and more, with a uniformly positive and enthusiastic attitude." ... "I continue to have high praise of Lonnie’s deliverables and contributions and look forward to working with him." ... “One of a kind.” ... “How much better could this be?”

Excerpts from a recent performance appraisal

“We're a small but quickly growing independent consultant business. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping analyze your data.  We will add value to your research!  Please give us, a call or e-mail!" 

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